The World’s only solution to Re-Rounding Type-K Copper. Learn how you can re-round copper in 90% less time today below. The real rounder™ does one job and one job perfectly. It restores 1 ½” and 2” type K copper to it’s factory outside diameter spec. By working from the true outside dimension, your copper tubing will easily accept both flare and compression fittings. It can be cut cleanly with a tubing cutter. And your repairs/installations will not leak.

The real rounder™ is simple, versatile, and easy to use. The re-rounding process can be done on a mounted truck vise or in an excavation. The real rounder™ works on the ends or in the middle of a copper coil. Simply place the copper tubing in the channel of the real rounder™. Align your guide pins with the corresponding half. Then, use either a vise or the provided hardware (which requires a ½” wrench) to compress the real rounder™ until the 2 pieces meet. Congratulations…your copper tubing is now back to its intended form and ready for an effortless installation. A job that used to take an hour is now done in 10 minutes.

The Real Rounder™ was born from a team that endured and struggled with the frustrating and challenging feat of rounding, installing, and troubleshooting 1 ½” and 2” type k copper for over 25 years. Who better to bring to the table, a product for water departments and utility contractors everywhere, but the people with first-hand experience. This product has a special place in the back of every water utility truck. It won’t be used every day, but when that day comes, you WILL be glad to have a real rounder™.

No expenses are spared, no corners are cut, as this product is proudly made in the USA. Our patent pending design came directly from the field of underground utility contractors and leak detection technicians.

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